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Full Back Facial

Why should you get a back facial?

Whether you’ve got a formal event coming up, or a beach vacation, or you just want to feel more comfortable in your skin, anyone can benefit from a back facial. The back is an area we often forget about–after all, it’s out of sight, out of mind–but it’s also a crucial part of the skin that needs the same level of attention as anywhere else on the body. 

Exfoliate dirt, oil, and dead skin

Even if you don’t experience acne, your skin probably has some buildup from sweat, environmental dirt, and natural oils, which makes it harder to shed dead skin. Exfoliating scrubs and chemical treatments gently remove the buildup, preventing breakouts and unveiling your beautiful skin underneath.

Hydrate dry skin

Unless you’ve got the flexibility of a master yogi, you probably can’t reach every part of your back when applying moisturizer. Whether you’re spending the summer poolside or cranking the heat during a cold winter, your skin needs extra moisture and can certainly benefit from hydrating creams and serums. 

Clear acne breakouts

Who among us doesn’t live in fear of backne? If you’ve got breakouts holding you back from feeling confident, let your esthetician gently clear breakouts by implementing clarifying masques, extractions, and clarifying treatments. 

Reduce inflammation and redness

If your skin is sensitive to the aforementioned treatments, your esthetician can apply a calming masque or serum to help your skin feel as relaxed as you do.

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