Explore the Facilities

Discover all the amazing possibilities of joining our magnificent destination. We invite you to Sun & Sky - Spa / Salon, a time and space for inspiration and regeneration of your body and mind.  Step away from the frenzied pace that is the "Big Apple" and experience peace and rejuvenation in the tranquil setting of our spa.  We are all about attentive and individualized service, delivered with exceptional care.


Quiet Elegance

We designed our Spa to be quiet and elegant. Sophisticated, yet welcoming and unpretentious. We offer a fresh approach to the New York City spa experience. Our treatments are delivered with exceptional service by caring and friendly spa specialists who set the stage for a personal journey towards better health.


Clean. Safe

With COVID-19 arriving in NYC mere weeks after we signed our lease, we had the opportunity to design and construct Sun & Sky with safety in general - and COVID-19 in particular - in mind.  All surfaces are easy to clean and disinfect.  Our HVAC system includes MERV-13 filters and UV disinfection, and refreshes indoor air much more often than thought necessary a few years ago.  Treatment table covers, and all towels, are used once.  We are committed to your safety and peace-of-mind, and that of our staff's.